Complaint Process

The process followed by the Board is explained within our Legislative Rule: §25-1-11. "Disciplinary Proceedings."

To receive a Statement of Complaint, you may contact the Board office or download a printable copy below. All Statements of Complaint must be filed in writing and signed by the complainant.

Get Adobe ReaderStatement of Complaint (PDF)

Completed Statements of Complaint must be mailed to the Board office:

WV Board of Social Work
PO Box 5459
Charleston, WV 25361

Recent Disciplinary Actions
Allen, AngelaLicense AP02943607 Revocation Order filed January 31, 2012533.40 KBDownload
Anderson, MargaretLicense AP00938627 Consent Order Filed February 23, 2000297.02 KBDownload
Andreadis, BarbaraLicense DP00941640 Consent Order Filed July 26, 2004169.54 KBDownload
Ashcraft, TracyLicense AP00941072 Consent Order filed October 25, 2002410.19 KBDownload
Barone, Melissa J.License AP02943803 Consent Order November 5, 2013398.18 KBDownload
Barthelmess, Julie A.License AP00452925 Consent Order Filed February 16, 2006465.97 KBDownload
Blackwell, JamesLicense AP00939593 Consent Order filed March 11, 2008242.58 KBDownload
Blair, Julie F.License BP00943378 Final Decision/Revocation Order October 22, 2019 and Hearing Examiner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommended Order 852.26 KBDownload
Bobes, PatriciaLicense AP00455385 License Surrendered July 29, 2003458.74 KBDownload
Borror, JacquelineLicense AP03943180 Consent Order filed November 21, 1994331.59 KBDownload
Clark, Jami L.License AP00941975 Consent Order October 11, 2007256.43 KBDownload
Cogle, Monica R.License DP00939896 Consent Order Filed June 6, 2016238.90 KBDownload
Cullinan, Michael JLicense DP00940273 Revocation Order Filed April 12, 200094.12 KBDownload
Currence, Tina LLicense AP00941501 Consent Order filed August 27, 2009340.18 KBDownload
Cushard, SamanthaLicense AP00942884 Revocation January 14, 2008599.26 KBDownload
Deniker, John B.License AP00940810 Consent Order filed October 12, 2002205.92 KBDownload
Dodd, JaymeLicense Number AP00944402, Consent Order/Suspension entered August 5, 20194.88 MBDownload
Dye, Pamela A.AP00941891 Order of Consent filed February 26, 2008291.89 KBDownload
Elkins, Amy FintrillisLicense BP00941422; Order filed November 20, 2004410.19 KBDownload
Farmer, Jennifer A.License AP00943945 Consent order entered March 5, 20182.99 MBDownload
Gais, MargaretLicense DP00940669 Consent Order filed May 8, 2009907.10 KBDownload
Goode, Amy License AP00943084 Order Filed March 9, 2009374.30 KBDownload
Hall, Cari CLicense TL04019447 Consent Order April 17, 2002244.40 KBDownload
Harless-Syres, CharleneLicense AP00942946 Consent/Non Renewal Order May 29, 2012241.17 KBDownload
Hatfield, RachelLicense #AP00940088 Consent Order filed October 29, 2020575.60 KBDownload
Hatfield, RachelLicense AP00940088 Consent Order filed October 29, 2020575.60 KBDownload
Hodges, Dennis MLicense AP00938954 Consent Order Filed April 29,1999264.80 KBDownload
Jenkins, Linda M.License AP00940354 Final Order of Revocation and Hearing Examiner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommended Decision April 21, 2022732.07 KBDownload
Lantz, CynthiaLicense AP00942159 Order Filed February 27, 20121,000.80 KBDownload
Layton, Amy License CP00943439 Consent Order Filed August 28, 2013609.83 KBDownload
Lewis, SamanthaLicense AP00944114 Consent order filed 5/21/15610.80 KBDownload
Lilly, Susanne C.License DP00945343 Consent Order of Suspension Filed 5/1/2024605.06 KBDownload
Lovely, Virginia D.License AP00939265 Consent Order filed April 21, 1999354.06 KBDownload
Marcum. RebeccaLicense AP00944400, Consent Agreement and Order of Suspension, effective Nov. 18, 2019468.58 KBDownload
Miller-Casdorph, NikiLicense AP00943480 Suspension Order Filed April 15, 2011459.64 KBDownload
Musick, Dora MLicense TD11410854 Consent filed July 18, 2005321.45 KBDownload
Nicholas, BrianLicense AP00940490 Consent Order Filed October 20,2001445.50 KBDownload
Oliver, Tzouri PLicensed TL053110110 Consent Order Entered July 18, 2005307.95 KBDownload
Ornstein, DeborahLicense AP00450011 Consent Order Filed December 11, 2002314.56 KBDownload
Powell, Matthew T.License BPO2943181 Revocation Order filed January 31, 2012648.81 KBDownload
Repass, William JLicense AP00939004 Consent Order filed March 19, 2002235.92 KBDownload
Richards, Dena D.License AP00939030 Consent/Suspension Order May 8, 2007390.55 KBDownload
Richards, Dena D.License AP00939030 Consent Order Filed May 8, 2007409.02 KBDownload
Ritter, JackieLicense AP00816456 Consent Order December 5, 2002432.95 KBDownload
Rush, TaraLicense BP00942954 Consent/Suspension Order Enter November 24, 2008738.75 KBDownload
Saunders, JenniferLicense AP00941415 Consent Order Filed July 29, 2003363.25 KBDownload
Sluss, Wanda FLicense PL011613751 Final Decision/Revocation Order entered September 10, 2019 and Hearing Examiner's Findings of Fact , Conclusions of Law and Recommended Decision1.00 MBDownload
Spraggins, T. JaneLicense CP00816357 Consent Order November 27, 2007390.93 KBDownload
Staub, BrandiLicense AP00942581 Revocation Order filed September 11, 2007140.18 KBDownload
Thomas, RogerTemporary License TL08987357 Consent Order August 16, 2000280.08 KBDownload
Thornton, Robert WayneLicense CP0093874 Revocation Order filed February 25, 2000236.89 KBDownload
Todd, Sharon KLicense AP00942979 Consent Order filed February 13, 2009243.36 KBDownload
Trippett, Lynda KLicense AP00816084 Consent Order Filed March 5, 2009591.47 KBDownload
Ward, LindaLicense TL03029897 Consent Order Filed October 21, 2002384.56 KBDownload
Willis, Dwayne D.License BP00940530 Final Decision/Revocation Order February 26, 2020 and Hearing Examiner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommended Order571.84 KBDownload