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"The purpose of the Board is to protect the public by setting standards of qualification, education, training and experience for those who seek licensure and to promote high standards of professional and ethical performance for those engaged in the profession of social work."

- our Mission Statement

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  1. As a result of HB 4318 passed in 2014, any licensed social worker must ensure at least 2 of the 40 contact hours shall be in mental health conditions specific to veterans and family members of veterans.  Relevant training may include but not be limited to:  inquiring whether clients are veterans or family members of veterans; screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder; readjustment issues; risk of suicide and prevention of suicide; addiction; military sexual assault; depression and grief.  The Board will also accept courses addressing military culture as it relates to improving the cultural core competencies of practitioners. 

There are a number of quality online courses available in addition to more traditional face to face offerings: 

Just be sure and include the certificate that you get at the end of the course when you submit your 2 hours of CEUs. If you have previously taken a course meeting this requirement and approved for social work continuing education during your current renewal cycle, you may certainly count that as well.


2. At least 1 of the 40 contact hours shall be in social work ethics Licensees have the opportunity to use their own judgement in meeting that requirement-online, face to face, or independent study (for example, simply rereading the Code of Ethics as independent study will satisfy this requirement).

  • The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for May 23, 2018 at 1:00 pm.. The meeting will be at the Board offices at 1124 Smith St., Suite B 200, Charleston, WV
  • We moved to new offices in late August 2016! We are now located at 1124 Smith Street; Suite B 200 in Charleston (one block past Capitol Market). Visit our Contact Us page to ensure you have our latest contact information and directions to our location, as well as office hours and what you'll need to know when visiting us in person.